Frequently Asked Questions

Page will continue to be updated as queries are posted.

Q. What can I submit to Wordde?

A. We accept images, graphic art, video embeds, stories with visuals, plain prose, poetry – basically all things WORDs and DEsign. If you would like to submit a graphic novel/comic book style story then shoot us an email at and we will get back to you.

Q. Do I have to log in to submit?

A. Yes! To make it easy we have options to log in with your Facebook and Google account. You could also create a Wordde account with just an email and password – this would be much appreciated and will grant mucho good karma.

Q. Why can’t I log in with Instagram?

A. We are working on that!

Q. How do I enter the design contest?

A. Just follow these steps

  1. Click on “Create” at the top of the page.
  2. On the pop-up click on Image.
  3. In the post composition page, under the category section, select Wordde Design contest.
  4. Upload your work and post!

Q. How Do I tag my work?

A. Once you have uploaded your work. Enter relevant tags in the “Tag” section.

*** Separate each tag with a comma, (example – design, horror, thriller, surreal) .

Keep the tags PG please 😊.

Q. I am trying to upload a story but want to add an image to it, can I do that?

A. Yes, absolutely! Heavens bless you for combining words with design – that’s what we’re all about here at Wordde. To add an image simply click on the blue plus symbol below the final section on the “Create” page.

Q. I am done with my post but can’t find the “publish button”? Am I going nuts or are you guys trolling?

A. No silly, none of that. For the purposes of giving our users the entire page to create their works we have moved the Publish button to the bottom of the screen. No need to scroll down, just look at the bottom of your screen on the “Create” page and you will see a bar with options to “Discard your post”, “Save your post” or “Publish your post” *cue winning slot machine noises.

Q. I won one of the Wordde monthly competitions, how do I get paid?

A. Whoa! Congratulations! Didn’t realize I was talking to a celebrity here. Once you win, we will get in touch via the Wordde messenger and ask for your Pay pal information. Just check your Wordde account for updates. All payments will be made via Pay pal.

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